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Unit Testing done right: 10 best practices to make the most of it

Why should you test your code, and what are the best practices that ensure your code is bug-free. In software development, coding is one side of the coin, and testing the code is the other. Testing software is essential to ensure the deployment of the highest quality software. Testing promotes healthy and reliable software development where quality is of paramount importance. And among the various levels of testing, unit testing is where the process commences.

Data-driven testing with Selenium, Apache POI and TestNG

Before discussing Data-driven framework, let’s understand why do we need Framework for Test Automation? A Test Automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing. It is simply an execution environment for automated tests. The framework empowers testers to write valuable tests that are reusable, maintainable, scalable, and resilient across all browsers.

Sencha Test vs Selenium – Choosing Your Automation Saviour

In this age of cut-throat competition, the survival of an enterprise application/product clearly depends on the ‘lead time’ it needs to reach out to the end users with a gamut of new features embedded. The more often the product reaches out to the right customer (of course with good quality), the more the chance of its success. Without an automation testing schedule in place, there is no way that we can reduce the length of the release cycle. Undoubtedly, test automation is an important process, but identifying the right automation tool or framework is crucial.

Unit Testing done right: 10 best practices to make the most of it

Selenium solved the above problem using the concept called ‘Page Object Model’ ‘. Page Object Model is an implementation of Object/Element Design pattern. A Page Object Model is a class that contains Reference(locators) of UI elements and Methods to perform possible interactions on web elements, then the test is the separate class, which uses the methods of those page object classes whenever we need to interact with UI elements.

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