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Improve income and enhance overall performance

Improve income and enhance overall performance

Functional Testing

All components of your E-Learning website, including the responsiveness of buttons and tabs, are checked by our competent and experienced personnel. We make certain that your users have no problems using your e-learning software.

Localization Testing

Because e-learning is not bound by geography, localization testing is performed to ensure a consistent learning experience regardless of the location of the student or instructor.

Testing for Compliance

As part of eLearning QA testing, compliance with SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and the following requirements is checked.

Platform Testing

Regardless of the operating system, mobile device, or browser used, we ensure that your E-learning domains are perfect and easily accessible. We ensure that your application runs well on all platforms.

Validation of Content

We put in a lot of effort to ensure that your content is of excellent quality and fulfils the educational industry's standards. Our professionals are well-versed in the relevance of education and its various sectors. We understand that your E-learning application is an important aspect of your educational service, and we make certain that it is completed correctly.

Performance Testing

Performance testing of E-learning-based apps and websites is something WalkingTree excels in. Our major goal is to enable users to access the site and application quickly and easily.

Simple-to-implement solutions that improve

end-to-end business operations, manage working cash, and maintain customer satisfaction.

A strong domain-based resource pool with extensive expertise testing Education IT systems is available.

Solutions for on-site and off-site e-learning app testing

A large number of authorised and open-source tools, resulting in lower QA expenses.

Deliver on-time testing solutions for any e-learning software anomalies.

Methodologies that are tailored to your needs, including test automation frameworks

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