Performance Testing

Performance Testing Services

We ensure that system stability and functions seamlessly under normal, continuous, and stressful conditions.

Performance Evaluation Techniques

Performance testing is carried out at WalkingTree to identify specific requirements and compliance issues for software applications and systems. It is our duty to make sure your software product operates flawlessly under heavy load so that it may be used in practical situations.

Software evaluation and key needs.

Design with strategy

Set up the load generation.

Keeping an eye on load generation and the server

Creation of test data

The creation of load scripts

Carrying out test scenarios

Evaluation of the results and thorough reporting

Approach to Performance Monitoring

WalkingTree's implementation of the performance monitoring approach.

Monitoring of end users, servers, networks, and apps

Changes in business expectations and technological possibilities

Identifying key business requirements and performance bottlenecks

Results, reporting, trend analysis, metric measurement, and capacity planning

Our Performance Testing Model's Comprehensiveness

Testing for Mobile Performance

Mobile applications were subjected to performance testing to ascertain their operability, stability, and resource usage under various circumstances.

Website Performance Evaluation

Finding out the system's overall performance and responsiveness under typical loads is the major goal of website performance testing.

Testing API Performance

Making sure an API can manage an expected load to reduce performance concerns and help with the early detection of bottlenecks

Web-Server Performance Testing

A particular web server's availability and response time are tested in order to assess its performance using various KPIs (KPIs)

We help identify

bottlenecks that need to be addressed before your product hits the market

Load Testing

We examine system behaviour under a set of projected load fluctuations to determine the maximum number of connections the system can support while maintaining a specific response time.

Engineering for Performance

Performance engineering allows for proactive, end-to-end performance testing and monitoring of software applications, with seamless collaboration between teams, processes, and tools.

Stress Analysis

We expertly test a software application's robustness under excessive stress in order to identify potential outrages and prevent system damage.

Testing for scalability

WalkingTree assesses a system's ability to scale as more load is placed on it. We help determine when the system stops scaling and the reasons for this. Scalability testing results can be used to prepare for future expansion and minimise over-investment in hardware.

Testing for stability

WalkingTree examines the system's stability over a long period of time (including 24/7 operation). This aids in determining the likelihood of downtime and planning maintenance activities.

Resilience in Performance

Our specialists use resilience testing to load the programme to check for performance concerns and prevent data loss during stressful situations.

Performance Testing in an Agile Environment

Use Agile performance testing to achieve realistic loads for early detection of bottlenecks and cost savings throughout development.

Continual Performance Evaluation

The use of Agile and DevOps teams to combine continuous testing and load/performance testing to detect complicated issues related to performance and load handling.

Volume Testing of Databases

Volume testing is used to establish the relationship between a system's database size and performance, with the goal of identifying slower execution as the database grows.

Future-proof you apps to make them highly responsive, available, and scalable.

Monitoring Application Performance (APM)

APM allows for the real-time monitoring of performance indicators for online, mobile, and desktop applications.

Integration of CI/CD Pipelines

Integrate performance engineering into the CI/CD pipeline to identify bottlenecks in the SDLC early.

Cloud-based app testing

Exploring number of software-related elements and improving overall ROI using cloud-based mobile environments

Zero Software Performance Concerns in Production

We use best testing practices and generate comprehensive and unambiguous test results.


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