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Are you looking to ensure your applications perform optimally under any workload? At WalkingTree, we specialize in performance testing, a crucial aspect of software development.

Performance Testing Life Cycle

Our performance testing activities are structured within a performance testing life cycle. This systematic process helps us plan and execute performance testing activities to identify performance bottlenecks and ensure optimal system performance.

Risk Assessment

We assess potential risks and identify critical scenarios that need to be tested to ensure performance requirements are met.

Performance Test Planning

We create a performance testing plan that outlines the scope, objectives, test environment, and test scenarios.

Test Environment Setup

We set up the required test environment, including hardware, software, and network configurations.

Test Data Preparation

We generate test data that accurately represents real-world scenarios to simulate different user interactions.

Test Script Development

We create load scripts that simulate user behavior and generate the desired load on the system.

Test Execution

We execute various test scenarios, including load testing, stress testing, scalability testing, and stability testing.

Results Analysis and Reporting

We analyze the test results, identify performance issues, and generate comprehensive reports that provide insights and recommendations for improvement.

Performance Monitoring

We implement a performance monitoring approach that involves monitoring end users, servers, networks, and applications. This helps us track performance metrics, detect performance bottlenecks, and plan for capacity expansion.

Our Approach: Cutting-edge Tools and Techniques for Unmatched Performance Testing

Our expert team of performance testing professionals follows a proven methodology tailored to your unique requirements.

Requirement Analysis

Understanding your business goals and application requirements to develop a customized performance testing strategy.

Test Planning and Execution

Crafting a detailed test plan and conducting various performance tests to identify bottlenecks in real-world scenarios.

Performance Analysis

Analyzing test results, identifying areas for improvement, and providing actionable recommendations to enhance application performance.


Delivering comprehensive reports that highlight performance insights, potential risks, and suggested optimizations to drive continuous improvement.

Our Performance Testing Model's Comprehensiveness

Within our performance testing life cycle, we conduct different types of performance testing to evaluate various aspects of software performance

Performance Testing Mobile App

We subject mobile applications to performance testing to assess their operability, stability, and resource usage under different conditions.

Performance Testing of Website

Finding out the system's overall performance and responsiveness under typical loads is the major goal of website performance testing.

API Performance Testing

We ensure that APIs can handle expected loads and identify potential bottlenecks early in the development process.

Web-Server Performance Testing

We assess the availability and response time of specific web servers using key performance indicators (KPIs).

We help identify

bottlenecks that need to be addressed before your product hits the market

Load Testing

By simulating projected load fluctuations, we determine the system's maximum capacity while maintaining acceptable response times.

Performance Engineering

We proactively engage in performance engineering, enabling end-to-end performance testing and monitoring with seamless collaboration between teams and tools.

Stress Analysis

Our experts test software applications under excessive stress to identify potential issues and prevent system damage.

Scalability Testing

We assess a system's ability to scale as the load increases, helping determine its limits and reasons for performance degradation.

Stability Testing

We evaluate the system's stability over an extended period, including 24/7 operation, to assess the likelihood of downtime and plan maintenance activities.

Resilience Testing

Our specialists conduct resilience testing to ensure performance under stressful situations and prevent data loss.

Performance Testing in Agile

We incorporate performance testing into Agile development methodologies, enabling early detection of bottlenecks and cost savings throughout the development process.

Continual Performance Evaluation

We combine continuous testing and load/performance testing to detect complex performance issues and ensure optimal performance throughout the software development life cycle.

Volume Testing of Databases

Volume testing is used to establish the relationship between a system's database size and performance, with the goal of identifying slower execution as the database grows.

Future-proof your apps to make them highly responsive, available, and scalable.

Enhance your application's performance, optimize user experiences, and stay ahead in today's competitive digital landscape.

Monitoring Application Performance

We employ Application Performance Monitoring (APM) techniques to monitor the performance of online, mobile, and desktop applications in real-time.

Integration with CI/CD Pipelines

We integrate performance engineering into the CI/CD pipeline, enabling early detection of bottlenecks and ensuring optimal performance throughout the software development life cycle.

Cloud-based App Testing

We leverage cloud-based environments to explore various software-related elements and improve overall return on investment (ROI).

Production Readiness

Through rigorous testing practices, we strive to eliminate software performance concerns before deployment, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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