Security Testing

Get a detailed look at your IT's true cybersecurity.

We assist in identifying vulnerabilities

in the IT environment and making mitigation recommendations.

3rd Party Tester

You don't have your own QAs on staff and need a dependable, independent 3rd party tester to evaluate your product while dealing with the developers directly.

Need to enhance your testing abilities.

You already have QA processes in place, but you'd like to improve them, increase efficiency, and, in some cases, entirely automate them.

QA Assistance Required During Peak Loads

You have scheduled or unanticipated development peaks or software releases that necessitate temporary test capacity.

We offer dedicated QA resources on demand,

ready to be deployed for any short- or long-term project.

You can pay as you go

There's no need to hire a full-time tester. Pay just for the actual testing hours spent by testers, not for their idle time.

Adaptable team

Scale up and down QA resources on short notice at any time during the engagement.

Service Management

There's no need to waste time trying to start and manage tests. Testing services can be started right away.

Shorter time to market

Trained and experienced testers with flexible schedules available to get better results faster.


Get a diverse skill set from highly experienced QA specialists with real-time Tool/Technology and Domain expertise all under one roof.


We ensure a high level of transparency, status is shared with the team at regular intervals and online.


Investment firm


This Investment firm percolates confidence within the organization and business partners after implementing best security practices 

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