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Boost Efficiency and Resource Utilization through Test Automation

Unleash the benefits of cutting-edge test automation aligned with best practices  

Improve 70% Test Coverage with WalkingTree Test Automation Solutions

WalkingTree is a leading pure-play testing company that uses a standardized automation methodology to assist businesses in speeding up their testing operations. Numerous settings, multiple user devices, and third-party connections guarantee comprehensive test coverage, high reusability, and long-term cost benefits.

Regression testing time reduced by 80%

Regression testing cycle time was reduced by over 80% to accommodate frequent software releases.

Multi-Platforms Testing

To maintain seamless functionality for users, perform testing across a range of devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Availability of resources

Make sure software testers are always available and can work on different projects without being limited by geography.

Absolute Zero Leakage

Automated unit testing deployment helps reduce the number of bugs discovered during the SDLC

Database Testing 

Conducted to see if data is consistent and responsive to queries applied.

Methodology for Software Test Automation Services

WalkingTree carefully considers software needs and QA processes before providing end-to-end automated testing services. The comprehensive test automation strategy is the foundation that has been successful in meeting the testing needs of premier SMEs and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Take Advantage of Our Scriptless Test Automation Framework

The main factor in WalkingTree's success as an automated testing company is its well-organized test automation architecture. The advantage of this framework is that it can test the functionality of different APIs, microservices, and cloud-based apps, making it easier for global corporations to manage test environments and deploy software more quickly.

Creation of Test Suites

Test Script Modularity

Data-Driven Testing

User-defined Function Libraries

Third-Party Integrations

Custom Reporting

Result-driven and business-specific automation testing solutions

Let our future-ready automation testing services help you to reinvent quality standards

Load testing

Run advanced automation tests to measure the software performance under high load of traffic and user activities and make precise recommendations to do away with these issues.

Performance testing

Conduct automation tests to check performance and response time at different user contexts to evaluate the scalability and reliability of the software.

Stress testing 

Carry out tests to check the behaviour and performance of the software and error handling capabilities when going through different levels of usage.

Security testing

WalkingTree QA team run scrupulous and razor-edged automation tests to detect all security vulnerabilities and threats from malicious programs and data-breach attempts.

Database Testing 

We help you check the consistency of your application database, stress-adjusted performance and responsiveness to user queries through automation test.

Keyword driven testing

Implement custom automation test scripts to evaluate the response against specific uses of keywords for different industry niches.

Custom Test Automation to Address Business-specific QA Requirements

Helping you to make the big leap to smart efficiency with our custom automation services. 

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A Global insurance company accelerates time-to-value and preserves high quality at the same time through automation for regression testing

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